You can feel free to move again.

Remember when you were a kid? Twirling, running, or jumping just for the joy of it? Over a lifetime, that joy of movement can diminish with achiness from moving incorrectly, pain for injury or overuse, or anxiety over how to do it right. You can get that joy back.

If you’ve ever been injuried, delayed workout for fear of hurting yourself, or are unsure how to start exercising right, PreTrain is for you. And the first steps in your journey starts here.

PreTrain Fundamentals


PreTrain Fundamentals is an innovative approach to fitness. This six-week program is a complete exercise program of strength, stability, and flexibility training that helps you to minimizes the risk of injury. PreTrain Fundamentals begins with step-by-step instructions to activating and strengthening your core, shoulders, and back muscles. We build on these exercises with progressive movement training to restore normal movement through your hips, low back, and shoulders. Finally, you will master those movements through a high-intensity, short-duration functional training workout. PreTrain Fundamentals serves as a starting point for a new exercise program, or will complement your existing exercise routine.


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