What Do The Pros Say?

In our daily work, we run into many healthcare professionals – physicians, trainers and physical therapists. Once we’ve shown them the PreTrain philosophy, they can’t wait to share it with their patients. We thought we’d share what they said with you.

Meirav Werbel, JD

IronMan Lake Placid, 2011, IronMan Mont-Tremblant

The PreTrain program is a progression of exercises starting with the essential building blocks for every athlete who wants to get to the starting line injury free.

The great thing about PreTrain is that you can really make it work for you at your own pace and level. I didn’t have to advance to the next level until I was sure I was proficient at each level and my body was strong enough to progress.

Francis Moore, BS, MS, RPT

Department Leader, Rehabilitation Services, Mayo Regional Hospital

I have been practicing physical therapy in rural Maine for over thirty years where specialization is not an option. The author of PreTrain presents complex physical activities by combining excellent illustrations with clear precise instructions that can enhance the training of the elite athlete as well as the physically challenged. Highly recommended.

Cristy Pacheco, MD

Board Certified, Family Medicine

The PreTrain program will not only help you fit into those jeans, but will also teach you how to move and improve your strength while decreasing your risk of injury.  Many of the patients I see have low back, knee, or shoulder injuries brought on by poor posture and improper patterns of movement.  PreTrain helps prevent these sorts of injuries by teaching you to move correctly.  Once you have mastered the basics, the PreTrain program will become a beneficial part of your everyday life.

Ralph Gabarro, CEO

Down East Community Hospital

As a longstanding hospital CEO I am always interested in innovative approaches responsive to a rapidly changing healthcare environment. I am excited about the PreTrain program and what it offers to patients. The program is exciting as it comes at a time when there is increasing focus on wellness and improving individual and population health status.

Greg Specht, PT, OCS

Owner, Specht Physical Therapy

I love this book. Dr. Moore has created an easy to use, self-help program for improving the function of your body. She takes advanced exercise concepts and organizes them into a usable format for the average person. Pre-Train is great for preparing your body  to exercise safely or excelling at your sport. Every chapter is packed with great nuggets of information and the function of the core is explained beautifully early on to set the stage for the rest of the material. Do this program to prevent injury, run faster and jump higher!