Module 2: Restore

Module 2.1.1: Flexibility and Mobility

Who it’s for

  • Individuals who have completed Module 1: Rebuild
  • Individuals who are on or have completed a comprehensive back and core strengthening program
  • All ages

What it does

  • Teaches whole body flexibility and mobility
  • Defines and coaches proper weight-bearing movement
  • Strengthens legs, back, shoulders with proper movement training
  • Advances your stability
  • Instills beginning to intermediate balance training

What you do

  • Applies the techniques mastered in Module 1 to functional movements that are necessary for intense athletic training to everyday life.
  • Perform 4 times per week
  • Use as a complete workout or as a warm up to your current exercise program

Why it’s important

  • Redefines and strengthens proper movement patterns, preventing injury in everyday life

Required equipment

  • Foam roller, physiobands

Recommended equipment

  • Yoga or exercise mat


  • Approximately 20 minutes
  • Use as a complete workout or as a warm up
  • Applies PreTrain Brace, Shoulder Brace, Lower Extremity Brace to everyday movements
  • Provides tips on addressing common areas of injury often seen in office