Module 1: Rebuild

Who it’s for

  • Beginners
  • Athletes with stubborn repetitive injuries
  • Individuals completing physical therapy or chiropractic care and want to get back into an exercise program
  • Active individuals increasing their exercise routine or transitioning into a new exercise program
  • All ages

What it does

  • Rebuilds the small muscles closest to the spine that protect the back from injury
  • Targets the most commonly weak muscles that cause you to compensate, leading to injury
  • Strengthens entire core from pelvis to shoulders
  • Incorporates proper breathing to maximize stability

What you do

  • 5 key exercises: classic core, back and shoulder strengthening exercises with a focus on everyday function.
  • Perform 4 times per week
  • Use as a complete workout or as a warm up to your current exercise program

Why it’s important

  • Helps protect back, hips, and shoulders by strengthening small, stabilizing muscles.

Recommended equipment

  • Yoga or exercise mat


  • Approximately 20 minutes
  • Learn The PreTrain Brace, Shoulder Brace, and Lower Extremity Brace
  • Use alone as a workout or as a warm up to your current exercise program
  • Utilize a level of detail for each exercise that is typically reserved for in-office visits
  • Learn how to activate the entire deep core to make exercises you already do more effective