How It

All Started.

Developed by Camilla Moore, D.C., the idea for PreTrain came from seeing an abundance of overuse injuries in her chiropractic practice – low back, hip, shoulder, knee and ankle. Her practice was located within a popular fitness facility, and she saw the same patients with the same injuries time and again. She thought there had to be a better way.

I began collaborating
with the gym's trainers on treatment plans for a more comprehensive approach, and adapted my patient evaluation to include flexibility, stability and strength," she explains. "I addressed flexibility issues in my office to mobilize tightened, overworked and injured muscles. Once that was complete, we developed targeted rehabilitative exercises to stabilize the affected area. Then we created a specific strengthening program.

The results were dynamic. Injuries were being resolved in half the time and patients were reaching personal records. More importantly, the combination of flexibility, stability, and strength training had created a long-term solution.

The initial exercises targeted each patient's specific areas of concern. We strengthened the weak, stabilized the unstable and mobilized the restricted. After a few weeks, these exercises complemented their existing program, then served as maintenance exercises to prevent their injuries from returning. By going back to the beginning, learning how to move and taking control, patients finished the program empowered to live the life they wanted.

Her patients were so enthusiastic about the long-term gain, Dr. Moore was excited to share the lessons learned. She developed PreTrain Fundamentals to help everyone learn how to move properly, avoid injury, and enjoy life to the fullest.

In practice since 2008, Dr. Moore has helped thousands of patients recover from injury, feel better, and return to activities they thought they'd have to give up. Over the years she has worked with patients of all ages and fitness levels, from the exercise newbie to the professional athlete, from the weekend warrior to the desk jockey. She has treated a wide range of issues from head to toe – weak knees, strained quads, achy lower backs, frozen shoulders, she's seen it all.

The seeds for PreTrain were sown in her busy practice. Her central philosophy is that it's important for patients to understand their bodies, how they move, and why their injury occurred. Her passion for educating patients led to the belief that going back to the fundamentals of movement would give patients the foundation they needed to feel confident moving again. With PreTrain, you can too.


Dr. Moore earned her B.S. in Biology and Music from Bates College, and after graduating with Dean's List honors, she taught high school mathematics, coached cross country, track, basketball, and crew, and ran a dormitory at The Taft School in Connecticut.

She went on to New York Chiropractic College and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Her clinical experience included rotations at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital in Bath, New York; Monroe Community Hospital; and The Lifetime Care Facility which offered care to Hospice patients and their families. She finished her clinical rotations with a selective internship at the Rhode Island Spine Center in Pawtucket, Rhode Island where she attended Grand Rounds and weekly Spine Conference sessions with neurosurgery residents and attending physicians of Brown University Medical School.

Dr. Moore opened her solo practice Bristol Chiropractic in 2012. She is trained in Active Release Technique (ART), Kinesiotape and SFMA, all which help to provide a comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal conditions. She is also part of the elite IronMan Provider Network for ART.


Health and wellness have been the foundation of Dr. Moore's life from the very beginning. She grew up in rural Maine, eating organic food that was grown in the family garden, grass-fed beef that was pastured in their fields, and honey that was spun from her father's beehives. Her family stressed fulfillment in physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Today she is an avid runner and has completed the Philadelphia Marathon, along with numerous other half marathons and road races. She lives in Bristol, RI with her fiancé Jake and their rescue dog Jack. In the summer, you can often find them sailing on Narraganset Bay.